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From selling tea to traveling abroad, meet 22-year-old millionaire MBA Chaiwala! See Photos

While trying to achieve your goal, if you face failure, then you should not be afraid of it or lose your goal, but learning from it and moving forward can pave the way for success. Prafulla, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, is one of those who have learned from failure and progressed on their path. Let us know how he converted failure into success…

Prafulla, who failed to get an MBA seat, set up a tea stall with Rs 8,000 and built a turnover of Rs 3 crore in 4 years. Four years ago, Prafulla Billor, a 20-year-old B.Com graduate from a small village in Madhya Pradesh, arrived in Ahmedabad with a plan to start a business. Since he could not get an MBA seat in a reputed institute, he started a business to overcome his frustration.

Within three months, he set up a roadside tea stall by borrowing Rs 8,000 from his father and naming the shop with the quirky name, MBA Chaiwala. Prafulla Billor, who started from a roadside tea stall, has now done a business of Rs 3 crore from F&B. On the first day he made a sale of Rs.150. He has tried many new things. He has also done the work of selling tea in political rallies. His turnover reached Rs 3 crore by 2019-20.

Prafulla’s business model attracted media attention and she received an invitation to address students at IIM Ahmedabad, where she had once dreamed of studying. His story can be an inspiration to anyone who has failed to achieve their dreams and given up on life. In fact he started earning while studying. He graduated in commerce and during this time Praful worked as an Amway salesman for Rs 25,000 per month.

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He explained that “I was able to balance work and studies because an average student has plenty of time to work hard and be successful”. He sold the products and also enrolled new members for the company but he quit after about a year as he did not see any future in it. When an acquaintance told him about MBA and CAT (Common Admission Test) exam, he decided to give it a shot.
Praful revealed that he was attracted by the lucrative packages offered to MBA graduates. Then he shifted to Indore and started living in a paying guest in CAT. He worked hard. In the past, he also did a six-month English course, however, he was disappointed when he could not secure the marks to get admission in premier colleges. He told that “I did not lose courage and decided to appear for the exam again”. He got 82 per cent in 2017 but that was not enough to get him a seat in any of the top colleges in his mind. Then he decided to leave it.

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His family was pressurizing him to join any college but he did not agree. He first came to Ahmedabad in May 2017. He got a PG room outside IIM Ahmedabad. The institute belonged to him where he wanted to do his MBA. He had chosen Ahmedabad as he believed that Gujarat was a suitable place to do any business. He borrowed a motorbike from a friend and started traveling around the city. Then he found that the people there were nice and polite.

Soon, he got a job at McDonald’s. He worked there cleaning dishes and putting papers in plates. He earned around Rs.32 per hour there and worked for 10-12 hours every day. He would earn around Rs 300 a day. He learned how to do business there. Then he decided to start his own business. Prafulla says that his initial plan was to open a full-fledged restaurant by borrowing around Rs 10-12 lakh from his father. But then he realized that he could be a risk taker. Then he believed in small business and thought of starting a tea stall and borrowed around Rs.8,000 from his father to start his business.

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He started his business on 25 July 2017. Initially it used to open stalls only in the evening hours between 7 PM to 10 PM. Also he worked at McDonald’s from 9 to 4 in the morning. Prafulla used to make tea in a roadside stall and sell it by setting up a stall. But he served tea to people in earthen pots with toast and tissue paper which set him apart from others. The cost of his tea was Rs.30. He sold five cups on the first day and earned Rs.150. The income was good as there was no rent or other overheads.

On the second day he sold about 20 cups for Rs.600. Within a month, he started selling cups worth 10,000-11,000 per day. Soon his family came to know about his business when a YouTuber made a video on it. Initially his family reacted negatively but later understood him. He had also quit his McDonald’s job by then and focused full-time on his business.
When other tea vendors in the area became jealous of Prafulla’s success, they sent some goons to him and forced him to close his tea stall. Praful moves to another locality and this time sets up a proper outlet.

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